Restaurant interior design trends 2016

Although the food should be the star of the show when visiting a restaurant, there’s no denying that interior design has a big impact on the dining experience. Whenever this time of year comes around, the urge for renewal comes around too - so let’s have a look at the interior design trends that are likely to be huge in 2016:

Exposed brickwork, concrete, steel - the industrial/urban restaurant interior design trend that has been massive the last few years shows no signs of dying in 2016. Popular with Millennials, the raw, unfussy look signals authenticity and focus on the quality of the food served. However, this could be the year we start seeing a shift towards softer, more luxurious restaurant interiors, with an increased use of colour, patterns, and soft furnishings.

Many of 2016’s biggest interior design trends can easily be incorporated into an industrial interior, giving it a softer, more welcoming edge. This year’s nature trend works especially well for this purpose - think weathered wood, green plants, stone, living walls, and botanical printed fabrics. Hand-made, artisanal goods (preferably locally made) add authenticity and understated luxury. The colour palette of 2016 also takes inspiration from nature, with mossy greens and calming blues expected to be seen everywhere. Something that has long been an important factor for consumers’ choices is sustainability, and we can expect a push towards more eco-friendly restaurant interiors in the upcoming year - it’s no longer enough for design to look great, it needs to be environmentally sustainable too.

Another key trend of 2016 is metallics, in particular brass and gold, which add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any interior. While 2015 was all about copper, this year’s shift to more luxurious interiors is also reflected in our choice of metallics. Brass and gold warm up a space and reflect light, and look great paired with marble - one of the hottest choices of material of 2016. To add to the glamorous feel, feminine colours like peach and dusty pink are also set to be huge this year, with Pantone naming Rose Quartz, a chalky pink, their colour of the year.

After seasons of fairly understated, neutral interiors, 2016 is the year when pattern and colour make their great comeback. Geometric patterns will be everywhere, from floor tiles and countertops to soft to wallpaper. We can also expect to see a lot of three-dimensional patterns in materials such as concrete and wood this year, creating fluidity and movement to restaurant interiors.

All in all, 2016 is the year nature is brought inside, and restaurant interiors get a warmer, more sophisticated look - but don’t rush to re-decorate your restaurant according to all the latest trends, as it is a recipe for looking dated quickly. Instead, keep your interior design up to date by incorporating a few well-chosen trends that fit with your brand and concept, and you’re on to a winner.